How To Maintain Your Canvas Prints

Hang securely
Use two hooks on the wall, each set about a quarter of the way in from either side of the picture. Check that the cord, wire or other hanger you use is designed to support the weight of your wall art. Where safety is critical, in children's bedrooms, for example, ask your framer about security fittings and glazing.

Handle with care
When carrying and transporting canvas prints grasp the frame firmly on both sides. If you have to store pictures, make sure they are stacked vertically and the right way up. When stacking canvas prints, stand them 'face to face' so that the hangers do not damage the frames.

Out of the light
Try not to hang canvas prints directly opposite large windows as sunlight fades colours and discolours paper. Special UV-coated glass can help to slow this down. The Fine Art Trade Guild has set industry-wide standards for printing and framing materials. Ask your framer about the ways in which you can preserve your canvas prints for the long-term.

Eye-level display
Remember most canvas prints are designed to be viewed at eye-level. When hanging a group of pictures of different sizes align the top edges. Groups of canvas prints need not be hung in symmetrical patterns, but they should follow some sort of overall design. Try arranging them on the floor first.

Avoid heat
Ideally canvas prints should not be hung above radiators. Extreme or rapid changes in temperature cause paper and wood to warp and dry out and adhesives to fail

Beware damp
Damp can cause canvas prints to ripple. If the ripples touch the glass, the picture might stick and be hard to remove. Damp also encourages fungal growth - likely to show as brown stains. Conservation framing can slow these effects, but it is always best to avoid hanging framed canvas prints in humid conditions. Allow six months before hanging pictures on newly plastered walls.

The team at Mohka hope this information proves useful to you in keeping your canvas looking as great as the day it arrives, if you have any questions about maintaining your canvas art please contact us.